About Us

Air Care Experts began as a company dedicated to providing services to improve indoor air quality.  Over time, our penchant for identifying, explaining and solving complex problems led to requests for assistance in other areas of the built environment.  While our expanded services were provided to a wide range of facility types, from data centers to semiconductor and pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, we were amassing a growing database of expertise in restaurant and commercial kitchen needs.  In early 2000, we elected to focus on the unique needs of sit down and quick serve restaurants.  Today, we have a broad knowledge base of the indoor air quality, electrical and mechanical needs and nuances of these facilities.

Air Care Experts team provides expertise and assistance in solving problems in the areas of Temperature, Energy and Airflow Management in the built environment of restaurants.  Our client list ranges from single site owners to some of the most recognized and successful quick service and sit-down restaurant chains in the world.  By listening to the client about their issue and providing care, respect and attention to detail in the resolution of that issue, Air Care Experts has gained a reputation for the "go to" company when it comes to temperature, energy and or air related issues.